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zindagi primary sada muskurate raho fasile kam karo dil milate raho.dard kaisa bhi ho koi gham na karo.rat kali sahi ankh nam na karo.ik sitara bno jagmagate raho.By Rajja

O enlightened, I've made available that oblation which has been offered by the just one, the most illustrious and so I've become renowned and most strong; I have freed myself from my rival damsels.

7 And God created the firmament, and divided the waters which were being beneath the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it absolutely was so.

Ik hunsi jo hunsa de,ek ansoo jo rula de,ik aarzoo jo jaga de,ik chahat jo samaj le,her ahat jo jaan le,usi rishtey ka naam hai DOSTI by Naima

As a result go and instruct all nations, baptizing them during the name of the Father and with the Son and in the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I'm with you each of the days…

Sometimes we discover that some font are used time and again but fine fonts remain retained in aspect. Overuse of fonts lower standard of desire in that matter. Keeping your font decoration up-to-date for your online knowledge and print is effective is really a good concept.

Yellow By licking, it saps the target's life. It will cause shaking that is not going to prevent until eventually the target's demise.

Koi khat nahi, Koi khabar nahi, aapko shayad dosti ki kadr nahi, hum to aapko yaad karte hai har sans ke sath, shayad aapko hamari sanso ki fikar nahi..By sourabh

Nahi ban jata koi apna yuhi dil lagane se,Karni padti hai dua rab se sacha rishta pane mein,rakhna sambhal kar ye rishta apna toot na jaye kisike bahkane se.By Neha

And you simply come as a result of. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals completely—that nonetheless hurts when the climate receives cold, however, you learn how to dance with the limp.” ― Anne Lamott tags: grief, loss, read more recovery 3367 likes Like

Ishq Mohobbat to sabhi karte hain,Gum-e-Judai se woh sabhi darte hain.Hum to na ishq karte hain,Na mohobbat karte hain bas apno ki ek smile ke liye SMS karte hain!!!.

Phool aisa ho jo baag ko khushbu se bhar de,Hamsafar aisa ho jo andheron ko roshan kar de, Dost aisa ho zindagi ko khushi aur mobile ko SMS se bhar de...

O groom! This bride is protector of your full family. Could she dwell in your home to get a period of time and sow seeds of intellect.

nazre mila kar unhe chura nazre mila kar unhe chura mat lena, dost bana kar dushman mat bana lena, maana ki bohat door rehte hai apse, isi ka bahana kar ke bula mat dena..By Shehzadi

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